Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions most frequently asked by our potential and existing clients.

We hope they will be helpful to you but please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

How long has Maggie been supporting people and organisations?
We have been working in the Caring Professions, Education and the Business Sector for more than 15 years and have established a new business model designed to accelerate learning through creative Meta-Learning processes (MLP).
Please explain the meaning of Meta?
The Oxford English Dictionary cites uses of the meta- prefix as “beyond, about” (such as meta-economics and meta-philosophy). We use metaphor and symbolism to represent holistic thinking about learning. The word Meta also represents sharing action, common purpose and ownership of change.
What does Meta-Learning mean?
Meta-learning incorporates specific, measurable achievable, realistic and evidential learning experiences that produce effective results within an identifiable timeframe. Both practical and universal, the Meta-learning model is designed to accelerate learning through creative problem solving. The development of sophisticated meta-cognition in the domain of learning has been referred to as meta-learning Biggs (1985). It has been argued by Chris Watkins (2007) that meta-learning is the process whereby knowledge is created about learning through the transformation of the experience of learning.
Are you able to design and deliver on-line learning courses?
Yes, and because every organisation is different, we ensure our course design packages will meet your individual and organisational needs through careful evaluation of your training needs. We use our expertise to achieve a learning experience for learners that will help achieve well-formed outcomes matched exactly to your requirements.
Why is storytelling such a powerful way of communicating?
Every story is a mirror that reflects and expands knowledge skills and resources. Metaphors and symbolism have been used to stimulate creative thinking and problem solving for many years. Stories are a means of focusing attention, and stimulating reflection through learning in a safe environment.
How does accelerated learning actually work?
We utilise “accelerated learning” encompassing many different learning techniques, methodologies and strategies together, at the same time enabling a learner’s ability to absorb new knowledge, understanding and application fast.
I want to become a creative problem solver - where do I begin?
Creativity is born first in the mind and it is often expressed externally as innovation. It can be stimulated using creative activities. Meta-Learning uses metaphor, symbols, shapes, colours and movement together with storytelling to stimulate creativity. Learn how to use these techniques with our help and your creativity will begin.
Do high performance teams really work that much better that an ordinary team?
Teams, organizations, or virtual groups that incorporate focus, clarity and balance in working smarter not harder and so as a result normally produce higher levels of performance. Meta-learning training course design provides the necessary focus, clarity and balance to encourage effective team behaviour to avoid mis-understanding, mis-communication and thereby potential conflict. We offer tailored practical support for implementing best practice in working patterns, creative problem solving and advanced communications.
I want to be more successful in my career, how will meta-learning help me?
We provide opportunity for people to have flexibility and choice in their lives. Imagine what it feels like when you see your favourite team win, when you were enjoying a task so much that you lost track of time, or heard a piece of music that just made you feel, so good. When we are achieving our goals, we feel good about ourselves and our body releases a positive chemical response to every cell in our body. In this way we achieve an improved quality of life.
I’d like to have more courage in the decisions I take – how will meta-learning provide positive change for me?
Are you seeking to enhance performance and productivity or to become more effective at what you do? To start the process and provide a framework on which to build positive change we offer two session training seminars or a complete sequence of six sessions. Contact us for more information at
How will meta–learning help me to achieve my goals?
Focus on short and long-term strategies that ensure successful outcomes. Goal-setting is not difficult to do, but accessing the resources to push the ‘ON’ switch to generate the confidence and motivation to achieve your goals is something that Meta-Learning Solutions will provide for you.