Creative Advantage Programme

An innovative series of 5 Webinars, available on-line and in a blended learning format.

In a rapidly changing world every organization is challenged to continuously re-invent itself and enhance its capability in its chosen field of activity.

This amazingly effective series of 5 one-day seminars is focused on releasing the flow of energies in organizations to achieve sustained results and long-term creative business advantage.

We balance the development of skill and knowledge with the capacity to apply it and stimulate the intent to do so. Clarity of common purpose enables learners to envision and articulate success and to align their energies to that end. With guidance, our learners learn to co-operate and collaborate effectively to achieve extraordinary results.

The programme has focus on delivering practical results – fast with easy paced learning experiences that build a platform for creating valued, shared ownership of improved personal productivity and ultimately creative individual and organizational advantage.

Exceptional organizations promote a positive culture where everyone feels valued and appreciated. They provide their staff employees with every opportunity to exceed their potential and make the most of their careers.

The Creative Advantage series of Webinars offers tailored practical support for individuals and their organizations to implement best practice in areas such as working patterns, creative problem solving and advanced communications. It is specifically designed to support transformational change in individual learners, the work-based teams they collaborate and co-operate in and the employer organizations they work for.
To allow for full integration of the knowledge, application and impact of each day’s training we encourage further opportunity for on-line feedback during and after each session.

Experience has shown that participants gain the most from the training if the timetable includes a gap of at least 5 days between each of the seminar days.

The program sessions are:

Session 1 – Advanced Communication
Session 2 – Personal and Team Empowerment
Session 3 – Negotiating Shared Ownership
Session 4 – Inspirational Leadership
Session 5 – Evolutionary Change

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