Creative On-line Learning

On-line education is gaining momentum

Accelerated learning improves your ability to think critically, systemically and innovatively increases personal and professional opportunities.

The evolution of technology based communication and development technologies involve e-learning solutions including serious gaming and simulation.

Our technology enabled creative on-line learning solutions are cost effective, more accessible to wider audiences and designed with greater emphasis creating focus, clarity and balance in a learner’s experience.

E-learning is becoming recognized as a powerful knowledge transfer and delivery tool. When carefully designed and constructed, on-line learning has the potential to transform organizational performance. There is wide choice of presentation formats, on-line learning management systems including attendance and assessment monitoring facilities.

Meta-Learning Solutions have long-term background and experience of e-learning development. We want to work with you from start to finish. We gain an understanding of your business training needs, your technology environment and your prospective audience.

From the beginning, we identify precisely what your learners want to know and project forward what they envisage benefitting from the learning programme. We ensure your complete courses, modules or video spotlight sessions fit your budget and meet your deadlines.

Meta-Learning Solutions are creative in our design and development. We have delivered e-learning programmes for the Plan Academy, the Accenture Supply Chain Academy, Plymouth University Degree Apprenticeships programme among many others providing learners from across the globe with a fulfilling and meaningful learning experience.

How to choose the right on-line learning solution

Choosing the right on-line learning solution is clearly essential. The solution needs to be cost-effective, be relevant to your learners and meet all standards of current compliance.

We offer coaching backed by extensive experience in identifying your individual or professional training and learning needs.

We are happy to demonstrate how we create the right on-line learning solutions for our prospective clients.

Learn more about how a creatively designed and thought through on-line learning programme will benefit you and your organisation.