The name Zooangzi, refers to Zhuang Zi in phonetic writing, a taoist philosopher.
Written between 360-290 BCE his book transfers its wisdom through storytelling mixed with prose and parables. It is an early example of creativity as a concept featuring a Chinese dragon ballad excerpt below:

“…the dragon moves freely from an underground water home to an irrigated field. Then, driven by a drought, it flies to heaven to conquer a new empire. The dragon is now believed immortal and omnipresent with abilities to change form or become invisible”.

The book reveals holistic thinking by ‘seeing’ the overall structure, the way of least resistance and using the least effort for the maximum returns.

History shows us repeatedly that applying creativity and creative leadership seemingly effortlessly and in a holistic way is highly beneficial.
At Meta-Learning Solutions we support through change coaching interventions to bring about change.
Leaders and change agents skilled in developing cooperation through partnerships have capacity to create an entrepreneurial style energy. This new approach is encouraged using the process of learning to learn.
With appropriate supporting structures in place, successful change mechanisms are shared with individual and collective ability to learn how to do things differently or with renewed energy.
Using new improved, creative learning techniques we have proven it possible to facilitate change in structure, culture and clients’ overall learning experience.

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