Accelerated Learning

Become a more adept and agile learner to achieve your learning goals

Accelerated learning improves your ability to think critically, systemically and innovatively increases personal and professional opportunities.

“Minds are like parachutes, they work best when open” Sir Thomas Dewer (1864-1930)

Accelerated learning is user friendly

Our creative learning techniques enhance motivation to learn more, retain information for longer and become inquisitive about work-based learning opportunities.

Accelerated learning is focused on learner centred objectives. It facilitates an environment that is conducive to learning opportunity and incorporates focus, clarity and balance. This process guides learners to achieve even higher levels of success and enables them to reach their full potential.

The Guiding Principles of Accelerated Learning

1. Learning happens when a learner integrates new knowledge and skill they believe to be relevant. Learning is a matter of creating new meanings, using repeat learning patterns with awareness of each learner’s interactions.

2. All relevant learning utilises shared wisdom. We often learn more by interacting with peers than we learn by any other means. A genuine learning community is facilitated through learning shared wisdom.

3. People learn best from real life situations. We learn how to swim by swimming, how to manage by managing, how to sing by singing, how to sell by selling, and how to care for customers by caring for customers. Accelerated learning involves feedback and reflection.

4. Accelerated learning:

  • Uses repeat learning patterns
  • Demonstrates learning patterns
  • Reviews the learning process
  • Invites “try it for yourself”
  • Reviews learning actions
  • Uses reflection to create shared learning summaries

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