We specialise in learning development.
We are passionate about learning to learn enabling others to gain the knowledge and self-awareness necessary to become lifelong learners, considerate leaders, and world citizens.
Two dolphins swimming - E-learning Course Creation


Online education is gaining momentum

Our e-learning solutions are cost effective, more accessible to wider audiences & designed with greater emphasis on the quality of the learner experience.

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Dolphins jumping - Accelerated Learning

Accelerated Learning

Become a more adept and agile learner

Accelerated learning improves your ability to think critically, systemically and innovatively increasing your personal and professional productivity.

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Two dolphins swimming - Narrative Learning

Narrative Learning

Listening to a story awakens our minds

Using metaphor facilitates sharing of knowledge as well as inspiring, motivating and stimulating innovative ideas particularly in dealing with difficult issues.

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About Us
Maggie Foster

Maggie Foster


Maggie inspires personal and professional growth (CPPD) within management teams. She has facilitated transformational change programmes for a range of different commercial, public and voluntary sector organisations. As a lifelong learning devotee, she is a qualified trainer in advanced communication, business, leadership and project management.

Founder of the Meta-learning concept, Maggie uses an extraordinary mix of story-telling with a deep understanding of human behaviour to help others to exceed their potential. She inspires creative thinking and learning in her work with Universities, Colleges and Management Centres, including the Chartered Management Institute. Described as the  best speaker at a Creative Networks event for Interactive Media Businesses in the West Midlands, Maggie continues to  guide clients to excel at what they do. 

Dennis Foster

Dennis Foster


Over 20 years background in UK higher education, Dennis has designed, developed and delivered post and undergraduate courses in Engineering, Logistics, Supply Chain, Project and Enterprise Systems Management.

Highly skilled in all areas of teaching and learning supported by research as Learning Development Consultant, Dennis specializes in e-learning course design and delivery in a range of engineering and management subjects.

Over the past 10 years, Dennis has acted as a distance learning tutor, and advisor to students across the world. He also acts as a Visiting Senior Lecturer at Aston University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Our Beliefs & Values

We have pioneered the meta-learning concept to enable you to develop and exceed your potential; to aim to be all that you can be; to be clear through intention and attention in your personal and professional life, and in so doing, enjoy it.
Through personal and professional growth and development we facilitate learning for our clients as our way of ‘walking our talk’.

Dolphins are important to us because:

Many species of dolphin live in complex societies and represent creativity, community and social responsibility. They communicate clearly across vast distances and when they come together in a pod using a variety of clicks and whistles, their knowledge enables them to repel the fiercest of predators.

There is still much to learn about these flexible and creative problem-solvers, but from the evidence so far, it seems that dolphins do indeed deserve their reputation for being highly intelligent. We believe dolphins represent a perfect metaphor for learning, being creative, being excellent communicators and simply enjoying being in the world.

We seek to create learning solutions that will spark creative energy.

We have designed on-line and blended learning provisions aimed at improving organizational performance and enhancing customer relationships.

Our proven learning techniques will increase internal and external communication effectiveness, improve team empowerment to raise staff energy and performance levels that exceed all expectations.

We embed in the organization’s muscle a self-sustaining absolute belief and commitment to doing everything that is done smarter not harder.

A 1% increase in productivity multiplied by every single person results in big, measurable improvements.

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